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M.S.S.S Episode 22

Kaiki on the roll again!

Surprisingly Complex: M.S.S.S Episode 22

Okay... So. I think it would be absolutely hilarious if this scheme went so far, that on the day of graduation they go to the shrine, and there's Nadeko and Kaiki waiting. Araragi goes wtf, but doesn't say anything, because Nadeko introduces Kaiki as her best friend. That would be the shit. But, I think that part will come actually at another time. Where as... I think the final scheme will involve a shitload of people coming to the shrine. Like, a thousand or something.

So, we got some interesting information on Kaiki and some interesting analysis on Nadeko. I was actually wondering about Kaiki's love life sometime, and this episode did deliver on that. It was a quick sidenote, but it fits Kaiki's character pretty well. It's a thing that was, nothing more.

On the Nadeko issue. Kaiki puts it pretty well, with the fact that she was forced to be cute. And that she is hiding something in that closet. Something, something. It's probably like this huge closet, that is otherwise empty but there's like one object in the middle of it. What that object is, I have seriously no idea.

And what did I tell you about the disguise? So noire, so noire. Of course it had to be. I thought it would've needed a fedora, but it's still pretty awesome. Kaiki looks good in a trench coat, that's for sure.

It was fun to also have Kaiki be so damn suspicious of Hanekawa. When they meet, it will be certainly superb. Because if he hears Hanekawa's story, oh my the amount of fake. And I just really want to see Hanekawa post-NekoShiro. And when you really think about it, Hanekawa is ALWAYS in the sidelines, she's almost never left out, so if some outsider heard these things, he would be like: "Why does Hanekawa know all this?"

Oh the Kaiki - Nadeko dialogue in the end. Nice to see Medusako again. She's a jolly little lass, ain't she? That was probably the most enthusiastic "I totally love him and that's why I'll kill him!" I've ever heard. If I even have heard that line too many times. Somehow how these things are set up, it makes me think immediately that the scheme will include a lot of people, but..! I could be deceived.

And here we also see the insane logic of Medusako. Why be in a relationship when you can just have unrequited love? I love it.

Best line ever: "Is he (Araragi) a criminal?", coming from the professional con artist.

There's always Hanekawa.

PS. BTW, sorry that I haven't put pictures in like the past half a year. It's not that I don't want, I just don't want to take low quality screencaps from streams.

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