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M.S.S.S Episode 24

Cool stuff happened in this episode, so... Hmm... Prepare your anuses for more Hanekawa, my favourite theory subject.

Surprisingly Complex: M.S.S.S Episode 24

HANEKAWA! Kind of compresses my feelings about this episode. And now we actually got Kaiki's opinion on her. Which may seem pointless now, when she's finally become a real person, but! He did raise an eye-opening (for me, at least) question for her. Why doesn't she ask questions? How does she know so much, when the very basis of information gathering is asking questions. It also led me to another question, DOES Gaen really know everything? Of course, I haven't watched Suruga Devil yet, which probably will touch upon that, but nonetheless.

Sidenote: Has Hanekawa really become a true human? Yes, look at her hair. If she was bothered with the fact that her hair looks abnormal, she would've dyed it.

Why doesn't Hanekawa ask questions? The answer seems obvious. She doesn't need to, right?. But looking from another point of view, it may not be true. What if she DOESN'T know? That is exactly what I need you to think about. What if, by her nature, Hanekawa feels that asking questions doesn't give her the information she wants? What if ACTING she knows actually provides her with more in-depth information, which she can use to actually figure out what she wants to know?

Taking this episode for example. When she was ASKED if she wanted to ask a question, she didn't, like she already knew. Like she already knew the whole story, she refused. It's brilliant. She knows that by actually asking, she won't get all the pieces of the puzzle she needs, just the ones she's asking for. Even her tagline: "I don't know everything, I just know what I know" is a smokescreen, to fool the other person to think that she knows more than she does.

It also goes even further. How much did we actually know about Hanekawa before Nekomonogatari Shiro? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. She's so good at gathering information and hiding her own that we didn't even notice how mysterious a character she was. She never told us anything, and I find that goddamn brilliant. By hiding what she knows and acting in a certain way, she has fooled all of us to thinking that she actually knows so goddamn much.

Of course, there is a point to this. She also does know a lot, you know she does, but her actions and every aspect of her implies that she knows, almost literally, everything. So while she actually might know more about the matter at hand than the other one, even if she doesn't, the other wouldn't notice her lack of knowledge before she actually knows about the equal amount or more than the other. I find it super-fascinating. I'm proud of this theory. 

So what about the person that is said to know so goddamn much, as everything? Izuko Gaen... We've seen her twice, and in neither case was her omniscience actually proven. I do think that it is possible that she knows everything, but I prefer another theory, right now at least. What if she didn't know everything, but she just could read minds? It might seem stupid, but think about it. Rarely the things we see in this series are what they actually appear to be. The ability to read minds would give her an insurmountable amount of information, and her bragging about knowing everything gives even more. When she says: "I know everything", you cannot prove her wrong. Why? Because if you ask her a question that you know an answer to, she can read your mind to know the answer. If in turn you ask her a question you don't know the answer to, she may have that information by reading minds. It's quite simple. Of course, this one is pure theory.

Addendum: Actually, combining these two theories make the first meeting between Gaen and Hanekawa tad bit more logical. Gaen could see right through Hanekawa, as she could read her thoughts.


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