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M.S.S.S Episode 23

The suspense! What may be in Sengoku's closet? Will Kaiki be violently murdered, by Gaen's followers or Nadeko? What is Kaiki's 100-visit wish? Next time, on DRAGONBALL Z!

Surprisingly Complex: M.S.S.S Episode 23

The opening tore my mouth open from laughter and amazement. This series never ceases to amaze me with it's superfluous yet ridiculously fitting trolling. But yeah, maybe we've got something to talk about.

Actually, I'm not too sure about that. I read on MAL a nice idea of Gaen trying to convince Kaiki to leave just to make him stay, and provide him with some money so he can do his job properly. It was the only cool one I at least found, but what did I think about?

There were some nice scenes that threw some very subtle backstory in there, like the little prompt that had Kaiki thinking: "She probably means Izuko" when Ononoki talks about Gaen. So it's not obvious that it would be Izuko? Also, the fact that Ononoki is "keeping an eye on Kagenui" may have something behind it. We've previously seen Kagenui as easily the most extreme of our specialist trio, so maybe she's been somewhere beyond the correct path at some point? Hmm?

Also, Izuko's plan to make Shinobu a god isn't out of nothing, and it explains why the charm with the snake god's soul was in Araragi's house. The question lies in the fact did either Araragi or Shinobu know of this plan. It also mystifies the existence of Ougi, as she was the one that is behind this scheme. What is her goal? Prove something to someone?

We've also seen some promotional material for this arc and the had Oshino in there. Definitely a thing to look forward to. It could easily seem that the specialist trio, or even the college quartet would soon meet. Interesting times ahead of us.

Sadly, I spoiled myself, much to an accident of a forum poster. They had written a word that loosely implies what kind of an object is inside the closet, but I will not spoil it.

Also, when Kaiki broke in to Nadeko's house... Did hewallrun and pull himself up to a second floor window with one hand? My god, this guy is agile. I've noticed that the whole specialist trio is agile. Maybe it's part of the job.

If you think that this series has ever failed, this opening WILL make it up to you.

PS. Kind of jubbled, maybe someone makes some sense out of it.

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