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M.S.S.S Episode 21

Okaaaay. Mr. Deceiver is back, with sort of a vengeance. Count me excited. Like, Hella excited. Just now, I noticed how much I like Kaiki as a character... And how much can the quality of an episode be measured by the percentage of the episode I was either laughing or had a grin on my face?

Surprisingly Complex: M.S.S.S Episode 21

Kaiki is back in business, but this time without cash. And with a brand-spanking-new art style. It sure has it's own quirks. The consistently changing colour scheme for example may be very much because of the idea that colours are different to different people. Also, white. 

So, okay. Previously Kaiki gave us the theory of Fakeness, and it's great. Now, he's narrating the goddamn show. And admits he will lie. But was that a lie also? Looking at the thing in a perspective of "anything can be a lie" gives some interesting depth to it. Well, before, pretty much anything could have been a lie too, right? I would say no. This time, Kaiki admits that even his thoughts may be lies. That is the difference.

Kaiki is an interesting character to talk about, mainly because of his antagonistic state in the show. He's shown very vampiric, not liking sunlight, pale and all, big, black bags under eyes etc. But, this time, for most of the episode, he's wearing sunglasses. Mirrored ones, I believe. It may actually have a point. I could see Kaiki go incognito in the city, trying to avoid Araragi in some ridiculous disguise. Even if the disguise wasn't ridiculous, we would probably be shown it as such, because of the character lens.

Continuing with the mirrored sunglasses. Mirror... Medusa... Huh... Could it be? I don't believe so, but a speculation is a speculation.

Kaiki's character lens may actually be pretty interesting. What if... Senjougahara was wearing really just normal glasses? It would make sense, lots of. Kaiki just sees the glasses as a stupid disguise, thus turning them to nose-glasses. It would also explain why their appearance changes through the episode. Kaiki might also be looking much meeker than, you know, Oshino garb. He just connects ridiculous clothing with Oshino garb. Highly impractical theory, but it gives interesting insight.

Now I just want to see Senjougahara with regular glasses...

And the final twist of the episode, the connection of Kanbaru, definitely did not come out of nowhere, but it was still unexpectable (Which is a good thing). For me, at least. It does give hints of the past. Kaiki is somehow indebted to either Gaen, Kanbaru, or Kanbaru's mother. Even though it is a wild guess, I'd say it's probably Kanbaru's mother. Or grandma even? Whoah. Soon I'll theorise Kaiki being Kanbaru's father or some other very disturbing shit. That would be rather... Unsettling.

Grinning, with a new, extraordinarily unreliable narrator.

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