tiistai 24. syyskuuta 2013

Short update about the Monogatari retrospective

I will make a full retrospective of the Monogatari Series Second Season when it has been aired wholly. It may be the largest update I will ever do, and I will insert also a short summary of all other parts of Monogatari "saga". I want to make it newbie-friendly, though the crude volume of it may be overwhelming. It may actually be about as long as five of these shorter updates. Opinions?

I must also look into Kizumonogatari when i can. Hopefully before this huge job I have with the final. And...

Well... I'm starting to doubt now, but nonetheless I will do a full retrospective of my favourite anime series (Don't have to take a big guess there which it may be) when it has ended. And in that I will try to summarise my every post ever about the series into... Maybe three-six posts. Lots of it will be old, but some will be new. I have refined my writing skills during these short months, and I will have to watch the series from beginning to the end once again, which will probably be the most amazing thing ever, as by then I know the quirks and can just enjoy the whole package. Oh my god it will be glorious. Now I'm just gashing, so I will make my exit....

See you in the future, Sunday/Saturday to be exact...

BTW, when I have time, I will make a post about Durarara!! Just a heads up.

And while I'm at it, people, please recommend some series where you think might be something going on. I can't promise I can find all that interesting quirks without going a mile, but I haven't got any recommendations at all from you. I know people are reading this, I've got numbers.

BY THE NAME OF NUMBERS I SWEAR!!!! I don't know what really.

Short update?! Ludacris!

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