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M.S.S.S Episode 10

Oh damn, how wrong I was again. About some things.

M.S.S.S Episode 10

Okay... It made superb sense, but... Now we know that this arc only explains Araragi missing the first day of school, thus the next will explain what happened during the Kako arc. Though, knowing that it is called the Suruga Devil arc, this time I would guess it actually is about Gaen, Kanbaru's mother, who has obtained infinite wisdom through a devil, and is now hunting Shinobu for reason X and will sever the link between Araragi and Shinobu. That's my summary of what I think the next arc will be, but regarding this episode...

Character of Araragi: If you have met a person, but they haven't met you, you haven't met that person, because the person in front of you is not the person you met. Makes sense. Even though survivor Hachikuji is epic, that's not the Hachikuji we knew, so he doesn't know her. But, at the same time, he's indebted to her alternative self, and it actually makes sense that he wants to pay her back now, because he can't pay her back in his own world. Btw, adult Hachikuji had a huge ----. Not surprising, because of her ---- by the fifth grade. Gives Hanekawa a run for her money! Or it could also just be Araragi's mind playing tricks on him.

Art dammit. That letter was fantabulamous. I loved that art in there. It may also show partially 1) The way Araragi thinks, or 2) How Araragi sees Oshino. Also, the fact that Oshino teamed up with his college mates makes sense, but where's Gaen? She's missing from the formation. Hmm... She rose from the dead? Maybe.

The broken Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade raises an interesting question during this episode, without ever saying it. What are you left with when you burn the world? Ashes (Duh). Only the ashes remain, and when you lose everything but the ashes, you have not accomplished anything. You don't live anymore, because there is nothing to live for. I loved the "pat my head" -scene, because it makes perfect sense. It was her last farewell to the world she destroyed, so it might as well be something she had always longed for.

When they come back from the other timeline, I really liked the reverse molestation scene. Did you spot the visual allegory? He felt like a puppet thrown around, and thus he was shown as such.

Gaen will be a central character in the next arc, probably, but i find it weird that she has more parallels to Nadeko than to Kanbaru. The clothing style and general appearance side only, because we haven't seen too much of her character. It would be interesting to have Gaen chase our vampire duo around for the arc, which would also explain the absence of the characters.

By the way, this episode supports the idea that Senjougahara's and Araragi's relationship is 1) inevitable and 2) kind of fake. Oshino believed that the possibility of Senjougahara and Araragi dating was low, where as we, who have seen Nekomonogatari Kuro, know that it's pretty much inevitable, because Senjougahara was the first girl he talked to after Golden Week. And by the way, try to figure out how much Hachikuji not actually appearing would've changed things. They never went to the urban renewal area, and Hachikuji didn't actually interrupt their chat in the park, which actually could influence things, but apparently it didn't.


Gaen in the next arc? All Kiss-Shot wanted was just a pat on the head?

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  1. The next story is Nadeko Medusa. Sugura Devil took place much later than all of the published stories. It will be animated as OVA after this second season. Next week we'll have a recap episode again.

  2. Oh god really? Well shiet. Well... Then Gaen is after the medusa? Lol I dunno. Anyway, thanks for the info!