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M.S.S.S Episode 12

That was some goddamn episode!

It took me 10 seconds to realize Nadeko was narrating, but when I got it, I was pleased. Nothing wrong with Araragi, but the changing viewpoints give nice depth to the characters. Nadeko wasn't nearly one of my favorite characters, but somehow it would seem that everything will change...

Let's just say that this episode could be described as the ultimately best paced/executed episode ever of anything I've seen. Of course it's an overstatement, but I would say that it has some merit (It's gotta be based on a truth). The beginning was gripping, the opening was great, art style was wondrous (I really love Nadeko's "lens" already), timing was great and tension's up there with an ending like that. Yeah... This series never ceases to amaze me.

Surprisingly Complex: M.S.S.S Episode 12

Before we start the full analysis, try to reminiscence what Ougi told us last time. It was about the false security that the promise of safety gives us. The green lights in intersections. I think that it's surprisingly important to take that viewpoint into account whilst we're analyzing the one given today "No one is a victim."

Showing the self-victimization and almost obsessive submission gives Nadeko immensely more depth. But that's the case with any character, if we just hear the voices in their heads? Not really, if it's not done properly. If the thoughts reflect only the character we've seen before, it doesn't give anything. Here, they really make a difference. They also change the meta-plot inside her head. (I've lately used an awful lot of bullshittery words, don't I? Let's see how many will last...)

(Theory INCOMING!)

The process of getting into this situation is self-doubt. It was launched by Ougi, and it worsens by the minute. You see, before, Nadeko's way of thinking was "As long as I don't do bad things, I'll be okay", which reflects Ougi's prior speech. Now, she was introduced to an idea, that she has already done bad things, she has proof of it, and thus she starts to doubt. The doubt spawns the white snake, who then proceeds to use the words of Ougi because she hasn't quite grasped them yet. This in turn makes the situation an emotional flustercluck, even though we're shown it quite stingily. But... Let's just say, that Hanekawa's envy tore the carpet under my feet just some episodes ago, so I wouldn't be surprised if it happened again.

Apart from that, we see that the Kaiki situation has left it's mark. Nadeko sees the people around her as empty shells, and precisely as those, because she SEES them. Remember, we've never seen passers-by before. She doesn't see the world as solitary people as Araragi or Hanekawa, but as a community, formed by a few key characters, herself, and empty people. It might come into play later, but I think that's just wishful thinking.

Nadeko also submitted to the snake "Ears plugged, eyes downcast", meaning that she admits her fault of being a wrongdoer, even if it wasn't true. She didn't care about what was the truth, she only wanted to submit to escape the pain that comes from constant self-criticism. She tries to make herself a victim by submitting without an argument. Starting an argument means you're part of the problem, but submitting can be seen as a solution justified by ignorance: "I knew of no better." She knew it led to no good, but she figured that objecting would make her part of the problem, thus feigning ignorance is easier in her mind.


Immense overanalyzation, loved the episode that much. But ain't that what I always do?

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