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Rick and Morty: Welcome to C-137

Was supposed to do Haibane Renmei, but it starts so slow that I need to try watching it again sometime later.

Well, this is the first time an American cartoon is under the magnifying glass, so it's some kind of first.

This series has really risen up from all the series out there, with it's hilarity and ingenious plot twists. This time lots of this text can be found in Reddit, because I've taken part into the conversation there, but there were some people with a keener eye than me, so all credit to RickAndMorty subreddit, here we go!

Also, the title is kind of relevant, but kind of irrelevant

Surprisingly Complex: Rick and Morty

So, what should we start with?

The Evil "Eyepatch" Morty definitely has a connection to Rick C-137 in some way. Here are some of the possibilities:
There's definitely something going on

  • "Eyepatch" is Morty C-137.
  • "Eyepatch" is one of the later Mortys that Rick C-137 has had.
  • Rick was in an operation to take down "Eyepatch" some time in the past.

They all have almost zero hard proof, but they are implied, and it can be deducted:

  • Rick makes a statement about cocky Morties, and the next scene is the reveal of the Evil Morty
  • In Rick C-137:s memories we see Morty as a toddler, even though in the dimension that the series started in Rick had been gone for twenty years, longer than that dimension's Morty had been alive
  • The Evil Morty wanted to download specifically C-137:s brain, even though he had already killed numerous Ricks who should have the same intelligence. 

With those points, I would lean onto Morty C-137 or later Morty theories, because they imply a deeper mutual understanding. 

Following with that, I'd like to delve deeper to the C-137 theory (My personal favourite):

  • It would seem Rick C-137 cares for his first Morty more than others (He gets teary-eyed at the toddler Morty). Having the first one be the Evil Morty would make sense because he could be the one who abandons C-137.
  • Right after the toddler Morty, we see a Morty, shocked with a jumper cable. This could be a mark of his current "not giving a shit" attitude coming from losing his first Morty tragically.

Now an expanded theory of the dynamic of Mortyness:
Maybe there is something behind this hatred...
  • Morties have a maximum years of usage.
  • After that time, they start to rebel and become cocky
  • Going with this, we can see our Morty struggling with this in the future.
  • Extra: Council of Ricks aims to liquefy Rogue Morties and it is partially the reason for Rick C-137 not being in the Council
So, how does this make any sense?
  • When giving Rick C-137 the voucher for a free Morty, C-137 cuts the Council Rick short. Knowing how this series is, there could be vital information there.
  • Rick talks about a cocky Morty like he has experience, and deducting the fact that he was in contact with a Morty when he was just a toddler, we can see a possible connection with extended exposure of Rick and Rebelling of Morty.
  • Extra: Rick seems to be in very toxic relationship with the Council. Knowing that all the Council's Ricks ARE Rick, there must be some good reason why he's not in the council. There was probably a big fight regarding something, and this Morty liquefying is just an honest guess. It would also explain Wubbalubbadubdub, as Rick could easily still be depressed over losing his first Morty.

There would definitely be more, but... I don't remember them just now.

I dunno. A Morty's a Morty.

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