lauantai 22. syyskuuta 2018

I'm coming back


Zokuowarimonogatari is released on October, I think. I hear that while not the final part in the series, it does have a sense of finality in it, being the end of Araragi's school life.

I have not actually followed the series since, what, 2015? I'm planning on watching and rewatching everything up to this point. I don't even know what happens in Kizumonogatari even though I have it as a book.

Anyway. For the people who are interested in hearing the dying words of the Surprisingly Complex series, I will probably make it as a video essay, though with a different username. I am too busy to start working on SuCo again (I have a working life now, involving a lot of writing), but I need to get this series off my shoulders. I know Musubi had some new plot threads, but I will get to them when I see animation of those. Maybe.

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