tiistai 23. syyskuuta 2014

Impressions from Hyouka

After the first 2 episodes, I'm impressed. KyoAni doing Character Lens so aggressively [b]really[/b] makes this show a must-watch to me. Combined with Tanaka Kouhei's awesome OST, we're set.

The character lens itself is more straightforward, and definitely a focal point of the series. But I liked the more... Subtle way Monogatari did it. But they're entirely different series, so...

Just wait. If this series blows my mind, you will soon see the first full-series-analysis in a long time.

PS. Yes, I do know I'm just sitting and eating dust with Hanamonogatari, but since the second episode was cut short in all players the day it came out, I didn't want to do a blog before I saw it in the full... And it's long overdue, but I've had lots of things, now more with Hyouka.

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