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Attack on Titan: Beyond These Walls

Well, I kind of saw this coming. This is insanely spoiler-filled, and from the manga, so if you want to avoid messing probably the best twist this series can pull, I would highly say, ever, steer clear.

Surprisingly Complex: Attack on Titan / Shingeki no Kyojin

Okay, so for all you in there, and I can expect a LOT of attention for this one, hopefully, I have a confession to make. This series never surprised me, not once. But, it doesn't really matter, because the most fun part was just watch things unfold, as this time it was fun to watch the characters be surprised by some of the kind of obvious twists (Unlike... Something like Lain). Oh, the Titans were human all along? What a fucking surprise. Oh, and they were... Okay, I'll go into that later.

So, as you can tell, this time I'm tackling things that may or may not come in Attack on Titan in the future, of which hints have been thrown around for the whole series. And what do I mean specifically with "Beyond these walls?" This is all just some insane theory, so... Do apply critique.

That's pretty high-tech stuff for year 850
Let's start from the beginning. From the year 0 in fact. We know, that something has happened that has reset the calendar. Why would they otherwise have such sophisticated technology as 3D-Maneuver Gear? Of course it's possible that if history had skipped the "Dark Age", technology of those sorts could make sense. Anyway, this is just a side thing, so...

The Great Lie, Part 1:

We've been lied to. The history that has been told to the characters, and as such, us, has been altered. If the calendar has been reset, it had been done way before Titans came into play, implying that there are things in the past that we are completely oblivious about. This is not much, but it gets better.

The Great Lie, Part 2:

Okay, it has been established that Titans once were humans. It has also been established that humans can be turned into Titans (Connie's hometown), in a short time. We've also seen that Eren's father gave him some serum that made it possible for him to become a Titan shif-. But wait, aren't those two things kind of different? I'd say no. I would suggest that once upon a time, someone invented the Serum A, which turns people into titans, and Grisha (or someone else, more on that later) invented Serum B, which turns people into Titan Shifters.

So where's the catch? It was always about people turning other people into titans and turning them against other people. So, where does this lead?

The Great Lie, Part 3:

The Titan War. Wait, that's not anything the series has ever mentioned?! Exactly. There was most probably a war between two nations, other being some unknown force, and the other being the people who are now within the walls. See where I'm going with this? The Unknown force had invented Serum A, and now that we know that Titans can be controlled, they probably used them as a weapon of mass destruction upon the other country. It also explains why the Titans don't actually eat people. And here comes the fun part. We know that the walls are made of Titans, right? So... What if the walls had another reason to exist. What if... They aren't there not to keep the Titans out, but to keep the people inside?

So, what exactly is beyond Wall Maria?
Where does this lead then? To a measly fact that what if outside these walls, there is a peaceful land without the fear of Titans, without the restriction of the walls? A land which uses Titans as a tool to keep the people inside the wall in check, so they can't come hinder their lives?

The Great Lie, Part 4:

So... What sense does this make? Why would the people of the outside do something so cruel? Because the high-ups inside the walls are stubborn dicks who don't want to cooperate. There may be still a war going on with the other nation, we just don't know of it.

So hey, what about Titan Shifters? What's their deal? Well, in short, Grisha invented Serum B. It's hard to pinpoint why, but it's possible that he escaped, and took documents with him, got captured by the other nation, and was imprisoned, but now the unknown force had the Serum B. It may also be that Grisha was a citizen of the other nation all along, which diverges to 2 paths: 1) After the Attack, he panicked because he knew where the attack came from, and escaped out of fear of being found out. 2) After the attack of Shiganshina, he injected Eren with the serum, and left to kill those sons-of-bitches, and probably put the same serum to his own veins. Of course the last one is the most epic, so... Why not?

The Great Lie, Part 5:

Well, this is just tying some loose ends. So... We've seen Reiner and Bertolt getting their friend eaten by Ymir, who probably had taken something like the experimental Serum B (This supports the theory that Grisha is from somewhere else and didn't invent the serum. Or the Serum B was only completed when they got Grisha) which screwed her up pretty bad, as she couldn't turn back into human. It's possible that because of that, she became a rampant Titan where Reiner and Bertolt lived (Which may actually be outside the walls).

So, what do you think? Too far-fetched?


Titans are probably a weapon of mass destruction. Also some insane theory of an other nation or something.

E: Shit, plotholes. Gotta... Repair...

E2: Why did I split this into parts, again? I dunno.

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  1. First of all is not a complex theory. You are simply stating the obviousous.

    You forget that it had already been reveled that the shifters are from a different home land and are often talking about going back home and wanting to bring Eren back "home" they infiltrated the walls with the means of completing a mission. A mission they painfully regret for the damaged and deaths it caused. Reiner and Bertolt are often referring to themselves as warriors and having to simply dom what's best for their people. Also you have to remember all shifters have acknowledge that they are not safe from other titans and in fact they run a high risk to be attacked whenever they in the open so this means the titans and shifters serve two different purposes.

    The beast titan is the main protagonist in the titan equation we are all trying to solve. Not only is he extremely intelligent but posses the ability to convert humans to titans. Also he has said that he even learn to speak human meaning he is an alien to the this world and is often seen studying humans. See where I'm going? There is no government or nations.

    Shifters are warriors and each shifter has a special ability "power" Eren has the ability to control other titans which shifters are desperately trying to obtain. This is what was given to him by his dad.

    Shifters have also said living within the walls isn't safe and when historia was being rescued it was said by a shifter that going back to the walls would be the end of humanity. The titans in the wall fact in and my theory is that they are there to feast or destroy mankind and they are cultivating them little cows

  2. Well, that theory is obviously way too mainstream for me! : P

    I know, people have had similar ideas, but they haven't always put them on paper. Also, I never said that my way of looking at things was the only way. They're always just ideas of the world that I see, and I reckon that most of my theories are wrong or, at least, incomplete.

    And even though the name of the blog is "Surprisingly Complex", most of it isn't actually that complex. I did figure the name when I was still writing my first posts, and those were more fitting to the name...