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M.S.S.S Episode 15

My god, again!

Surprisingly Complex: M.S.S.S Episode 15

Senjougahara is a genius. Oh man, that's the only reaction I can have for that ending.

I'm not sure, if there is lot for me to analyze, except for the fact that Nadeko now thinks Hanekawa is Senjougahara, most likely. It may be interesting to see that when it comes crucial for the time.

I had a hunch that this part of the series was out of sync, at the wrong place chronologically. It would seem that Suruga Devil was indeed before this arc, as it is already November in this arc. Anyway, all confusion aside, this is one of the few episodes where I deemed myself partially right, partially wrong, but that is the most delicious treat I can have while theorizing. Enough new to surprise me, but enough of my own to say that I was right in at least something.

I didn't see Nadeko's inner blackouts coming, I did not. But that is what it's supposed to be, a surprise. They changed the whole dynamic of how without a single change to why.

And uhh... If you read my posts from before, just ignore about everything, because this episode has one of the most in-depth looks to the why-aspect which I adore so much. I told you that the serpent was a ruse! It was just a delusion in the first place, until delusion became reality, much adding to the general idea of oddities/apparitions as creations of the mind. Of course it's canon now, but you never know how much they'll end up fucking your mind.


MY FUCKING GOD I CALLED IT! In a previous post of mine, I remarked that WHAT IF there was a point where WE AREN'T SHOWN SOMETHING BECAUSE THE MIND PLAYS TRICKS ON THE PERSON! I tried to find that quote, but I didn't seem to find it. I know that I wrote something like that to some post, but now sure which. It could be lost as I changed some posts, but I know it at least has been there. Anyway. This kind of prediction makes me more pleased than one can be or something along those lines. 

Back to business...

Senjougahara's plan was superb. "If your intent to kill is real, and not a whim of emotion, you can wait... A day, two, a week, a month, half a year..." Damnit. It really makes Medusadeko (See what I did there?) the final villain in the series, and I'm super-hyped to see how they deal with her.

Shit, I didn't notice the ending trailer. Senjougahara's face is not shown because she doesn't know what she looks like. But she knows Hanekawa... Goddamnit, there went my theory. Anyway... It may be some other girl then. And it makes sense, as the time when Araragi was with the perfect woman for him hasn't been yet shown in the series (It's in somewhere September, and Nekomonogatari: White is in August/July. Who the hell is the fake Senjougahara we see? Also, not to worry that the trailer will come true, as it's her own interpretration. She could actually just imagine the victory she sees, because if she loses she has practically won. Dead, as a poor, poor victim of her own insane mind. Oh, poor Nadeko. No, not really. But we could see her "victory" even though it wouldn't happen, that what we're shown is the victory she wants, but the victory she gets is her own loss, which is actually just another victory for her. Die, as a "victim", who never got her true love fulfilled.

Super fanboy-glee that comes from one little thing I predicted in somewhere I don't even remember...

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