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M.S.S.S Episode 8

Surprisingly Complex: M.S.S.S Episode 8

Well, the time we spent in past was surprisingly short... So we got only two of the many things I said. I recognized Loli Hanekawa the very second, and rescuing Hachikuji was indeed the purpose. But the fact that they destroyed the world with it? Damn son.

Delving deeper into the character of Araragi, we can probably agree pretty much that he is an enormous pervert, thus almost all perverted stuff that goes on is always so damn pronounced. Seeing that Hanekawa was in the past just like she was in the future was interesting too. Maybe this little exchange also changed the future, as in Hanekawa remembering it and hating Araragi? Which in turn resulted in Kiss-Shot Acerola to berserk freely and kill everyone? I think that the scene with Hanekawa has more to do with the future than Hachikuji, but you never know. Wait... Judging that Jiangshi means a hopping vampire/zombie, it probably has something to do with this. So what if Hachikuji turned into some insane monster when she died afterwards? Possible too. Also possible that she actually didn't die and it screwed everything up, which would actually be the first thing you should think about.

I found it amusing that they delved into why Hachikuji was the only one they could help, as the other problems are in people, and you can't really solve them that easily. But hey! I think Oshino is back in this arc. Because if the future is screwed, it pretty much means he's gotta either be there, trying to do something, or dead.

So, if Ougi was not from the past, she is either something that Oshino created as a countermeasure to something, actually Oshino's relative, or Yotsugi in this world. Dunno, just throwing theories at people's faces. And what's with the clock, anyway? Does it grant access back to the original timeline or something? I'm not sure, but I do say that this arc is very promising, it really has me at the edge of my seat all the time, either by pure laughter or by the very well placed cliffhangers.

We shall see if people travel in time even more.

PS. Been reading to the novel a bit now... It seems Eikou Cram School didn't even exist back then! What?


Did the meeting of Loli Hanekawa affect the future more than the rescue of Hachikuji?

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