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M.S.S.S Episode 4

Sorry that this took a bit long. I had things to do when this episode came out.

Surprisingly Complex: M.S.S.S Episode 4

3 new characters. 3. Damn. That's the most we've had since the first episode, which had 4. But in the middle of an arc, 3? What? And oh damn do they have things to tell. And oh damn are they after Shinobu. This episode might be one of my favorites in the whole series, because it so subtly sheds light upon Kizumonogatari, and this will be one of the episodes I will probably watch again after Kizumonogatari. Okay, to the subject itself.

The first minutes after the opening are dedicated for some simple parallels that show us how the Araragi family treats Araragi differently than Hanekawa, and how in contrast Araragi sees them differently from Hanekawa. Araragi's mother is shown for the first time, weirdly in Hanekawa's own arc, which I think is the only arc that does not have Araragi as protagonist. Or maybe not so weirdly, if Araragi just pays no attention to his parents, which might be the case. Araragi's mother tells Hanekawa how a problem cannot be solved if the problem is ignored, which we have seen Hanekawa doing since long time ago.

After that, on Hanekawa's way to school, we see the biggest bait for Kizumonogatari since anything really. Seeing Mr. Episode with his attitude and information it really sparked curiosity in me. I really want to see Kizumonogatari. Goddamnit when is it coming so I can go watch the fucking shit out of it. Anyway, continuing, he says that the kind of dread that Hanekawa had is gone, which is thanks to the Cat.

Then... We meet Gaen, who is later revealed to be most probably Kanbaru's mother. It explains a myriad of things, including everything in Kanbaru's backstory. We will see more of her in the Kanbaru Devil arc, which will be coming at some point. Anyway, she had hired Mr. Episode to kill a vampire, most probably Shinobu, and goddamn, if someone needs to take her down, epic shit is going down. She also proclaims to know everything, and she says it with such confidence that it almost disturbs. It would seem that she has come together with some kind of an apparition and as such has obtained more information than a human can handle. She proclaims to know everything, and says that Hanekawa really knows nothing, like she says all the time, confirming that Hanekawa knowing everything is just in Araragi's head.

Then Hanekawa figures out that maybe this Tiger is a new kind of apparition, like Black Hanekawa. This implies many things. Either apparitions are born often, or Hanekawa is some kind of apparition that makes new apparitions. This is the second super-strong apparition she has given birth to in a matter of few months. And this time it's unparalleled in strength, which means she must be mighty epic to actually deal with it. It would seem that Hanekawa's emotions have some damn power, because it would seem that the Tiger is a creation of her pure envy. Of course, it's never said that to whom that envy is aimed at, but it's most probably Araragi again. Her comments about his house and family had that kind of tone. And we're in her head, meaning the subtle comments are actually subtle. She never implies in her head anything of envy towards Senjougahara, but even the subtle comments on her thoughts about Araragi's family can make something like the TIGER? Whoah. It seems that what we actually hear from her is REALLY just the tip of the iceberg. Her emotional burdens are so mighty that they create new creatures to the world, which are usually born from many people believing into something. That's powerful, damnit.

Talking about powerful... The moment when she just leaves her scent to Araragi's bed is at the same time powerful and meaningful. She also leaves a picture to his phone(?). Then she starts to write a note to the Cat. Oh my god. It probably has either advice on how to take on the Tiger, or just a simple favor to let wake her up when the cat's in control. The latter would be damn interesting to see.

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